Retaining Walls

curved-retaining-wall-big-sky-landscaping-inc_2062Retaining walls can be used to level sloped areas of your hard, to build raised beds, or to simply add aesthetic appeal to your landscape. Our design experts will meet with you and help you decide on the best wall solution for your home or business. Retaining walls are put under intense lateral pressure and can fail if not installed properly. This is why our installation experts have considerable training and experience inthe construction of walls and will ensure that your wall is built to last.

paver3Seat Walls

Seat walls are used to create an area in your landscape that provides seating without needing additional furnature. They can be free standing or used in conjuction with a retaining wall. They are a fantastic addition to a patio that adds height and diversity to the hardscape. Block seatwalls are longlasting and durable while providing you a maintance free seating area to enjoy.